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Скачать бесплатно Dreamvale 2.0e
08.01.2012, 20:12

  • Автор карты: Kino
  • Язык: Английский
  • Кол-во игроков: 4
  • Поддержка компьютера: нет
  • Ландшафт: Затонувший город

    Перед вами карта жанра Miscellanous / Other, от 05.01.2012. В данной карте вам предстоит в начале выбрать героя, после чего вам нужно будет пройти 6 подземелий. На прохождения каждого подземелья у вас уйдет 6-7 минут. Цель игры пройти все подземелья и победить в них боссов. В целом карта устрояна как рпг. На счет дизайна игровых уровней то здесь он очень на высоком уровне как для стандартных декораций. В общем карта прикольная.

    - Heavy Armour now takes 100% physical damage up from 90%
    - Added a Boss Stat board which allows you to watch over health/energy/time in combat

    Hero Changes
    - Increased the base attack damage of all heroes slightly
    - Updated stat tooltips

    - Raised the cooldown of Brambles by 5
    - Flourish is now a self passive
    - Bloom has been removed
    - New Ability - Galestorm: Creates a brief Windstorm thats blows away enemies that stand in it.

    Anzo Karst
    - Removed Petrify
    - Removed Upheaval
    - New Ability: Geoglyph Fortify - Heals a small amount and grants brief physical damage immunity
    - New Ability: Geoglyph Warding- Heals a small amount and dampens magic damage

    - Raised the cooldown of Sweeping Blades from 10 to 15
    - Assault is removed
    - New Ability: Execute - Deals massive damage to a single target, healing back heal and refunding mana if the strike lands the killing blow.
    - Backhand is now a dash and has longer range
    - Flurry is removed
    - New Ability: Piercing Strike - regains a small amount of health and causes Jared's next swing to deal pure damage.
    - Reduced the coodlown of Focus but reducted the heal value

    - Replaced Earth Raze
    - New Ability: Liquid Fire - Deals minor damage and slows the target, subsequent ability damage dispels the debuff and causes more damage.
    - Wildfire no longer generates an extra shard
    - Wildfire now has the ability to be used multiple times at the cost of shards

    - Ghost Fang once again deals 200% damage from behind. The no cooldown effect is gone
    - Recoded most of her skills for 'smoothness"
    - Numerous bug fixes related to Fleeting Night
    - Duskglide is removed
    - Her heal now stealths for up to 5 seconds, choosing to not break the stealth early will heal extra.
    - True Terror now grants physical damage immunity and lifesteal

    Hero Stats
    Most direct damage/healing abilites now scale on custom stats in addtion to level. In general, abilities are slightly weaker if not specced into and stronger than current if specced into. I hope this system will finally add some choice in character progression that has been gone since the talents were removed.

    Level Changes
    - Further polished Ruin's Vigil
    - Changed the terrain in Delirium Dusk
    - Improved Rhayme's intro

    Version 2.0
    - Stuff Changes


    Hero Changes
    - Renamed Jared's Pummel to Backhand
    - Reduced the AOE of Aduinn's Wildfire

    - Fixed a bug with Splinter, improved Splinter's AOE
    - Drastically reduced the cooldown on Brambles

    Level Changes
    - Fixed an issue where Veselen would spawn too many minions and her energy would fail to regenerate.
    - Reduced Veselen's movespeed and increased her health
    - Fixed an issue where Almyst could chain unburrow and bug out.
    - Almyst now attempts to flee after reburrowing
    - Fixed an issue where dumping random items into the cauldron would bug the level.

    - There is now a Journey Stone within sight at the start of each level
    - Hero tooltips are more informative
    - Quest log now offers an in depth information of each boss and level

    - Finally implemented a very crude continue system, this can be enabled by typing "- cont". For now, only the first level is supported. Even still there are many bugs. Use at your own risk.

    Hero Changes
    - The max level gain per chapter is now 1. Stats and ability scaling have been adjusted accordingly.

    - Jared's Flurry no longer adds movespeed
    - Replaced Ridian's Vanish with Confound
    - Ridian's shooting starts now strike in a line
    - Zephyr's Shear AOE now strikes a cone instead of line
    - Ground Carve has been replaced with a new ability, Upheaval

    - Fixed some of Aduinn's SFX
    - Aduinn's Sun Beam is now no target and heals alies around him. It also generates up to 3 shards on use.
    - Living Bomb no longer generates shards.

    - Redid all his summons.
    - Passive has been replaced by a permanent buff you can throw on an ally.

    Level Changes
    Sanctum's Spam - New Level

    Ruin's Vigil
    - Redid the bonus challenge

    Delirium Dusk
    - Redid many monsters
    - Masked Horrors can actively drop meteors
    - Dancing Shadows/Lurking Nightmares now cause their killer to tremble in fear for a few seconds.
    - Meteors deal less damage
    - Rhayme's Smothering Night no longer causes blindness

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